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Uncertainty Statement

Typically, an uncertainty statement is presented as follows: Au =0.77±0.04 g/t, where the number following the symbol ± is the numerical value of an expanded uncertainty, U = kuc, with U determined from a combined standard uncertainty multiplied by a coverage factor k = 2 or, a t-critical value for N-1 accepted laboratories. Since it can be assumed that the possible estimated values of the standard are approximately normally distributed with standard uncertainty, uc, the certified value of the CRM is believed to lie in the interval defined by U with a level of confidence of approximately 95 %, e.g. a mean value of 0.77±0.04g/t will have intervals of: 0.73<0.77<0.81 g/t.

Expanded Uncertainty

The expanded uncertainty (U) at a confidence level of 95% is determined by multiplication of the combined uncertainty (uc) by a coverage factor (k) found from N-1 degrees of freedom (df), where N is the number of laboratory means accepted in the establishment of the certified value. The t-critical value for 5% significance can be found in a t-critical table.