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Canadian Gold Standards

Is AMIS competent to manufacture Reference Materials?

AMIS is a ISO17034 accredited Certified Reference Material producer.

SANS 607:2007 and ISO Guide 34:2000 are the “General requirements for the competence of reference material producers” which are the general requirements in accordance with which a reference material producer has to demonstrate that it operates. The reference material producer must demonstrate that it operates with the appropriate organisation and management requirements; and with the appropriate technical and production requirements.


How much will it cost?

We customize proposal to your operations need.

Isn’t transporting rock around the world expensive?

Not if you do it in bulk and by sea freight. Freight costs are less than 1% of the price of a large batch.

How much rock do I need to provide to make a CRM?

Shipping costs per kg for big consignments are very reasonable.  Ideally we would like a batch size big enough to satisfy the global demand for that particular Reference Material for three years.  If resupply of the raw material is likely to be a problem, send enough for six years. We would rather not repeat the manufacturing exercise in less time than that.

Our production is geared up for batches between 500kg and 5000kg. We can do smaller batches, but special pricing will apply.

How long will it take to make a CRM from my material?

Making a Reference Material takes time so the honest answer is anything from under 4 months to over a year. Production time depends on the nature of the material received and the type of certification required. Some Reference Material’s are more difficult to characterise than others,

Around 60% of the production time is getting samples to the laboratories and waiting for the results. It takes longer to get laboratory results for the more difficult analytes. The state we get the raw material in also impacts production time. Wet material containing large rocks takes longer to prepare for milling.  


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