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Li 4594 ppm Pegmatitie Ghana
AMIS 0684
Cu 27.38% Co 267 ppm Sulphide CD
AMIS 0696
Cu 1.50% Co 30ppm DRC
AMIS 0695
Au 72.42 g/t U 5568 ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0694
Au 0.038g/t U 7 ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0608
Au 0.068g/t U 7ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0610
Au 0.052g/t U 6 ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0612
Au 0.026g/t U 4 ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0614
PGM 4E 0.697 g/t MG2 Bushveld South Africa
AMIS 0717
PGM 4E 0.994 g/t MG2 Bushveld South Africa
AMIS 0723
Au 0.135g/t Ag 0.9ppm Cu 905ppm Golden Triangle Canada
AMIS 0725
Au 0.062g/t Ag 0.6ppm Cu 79ppm Golden Triangle Canada
AMIS 0726
Au 0.098g/t Ag 1ppm Cu 102ppm Golden Triangle Canada
AMIS 0727
Au 1.61g/t Greenstone South Africa
AMIS 0519
Au 12.91g/t U 97ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0705
Au 8.32g/t U 101ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0721
Au 0.667g/t U 41ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0728
Au 1.12g/t U 53ppm Oxide South Africa
AMIS 0729
TiO2 43.25% Ilmenite Kenya
AMIS 0697
TiO2 95.23% Rutile Kenya
AMIS 0698
ZrO2 64.43% Mineral Sands Kenya
AMIS 0699
TiO2 48.84% Ilmenite Kenya
AMIS 0700
Au 2.38g/t Greenstone South Africa
AMIS 0724
Au 2.93g/t U 93ppm Oxide ZA
AMIS 0765
NPK Compound Fertilizer
Poultry Feed
Sandy Soil
Cu 22.60% Co 0.14% Kalumbila Zambia
AMIS 0634
Cu 5.28% Co 413ppm Oxide Tenke CD
AMIS 0295
PGM 4E 2.109g/t Platreef ZA
AMIS 0502
PGM 4E 0.8g/t Waterberg Bushveld ZA
AMIS 0459
U 330ppm Alaskite Rossing NA
AMIS 0514
Sn 0.34% Li 0.27% Ta 128ppm Pegmatite NA
AMIS 0631
Au 0.166g/t U 46ppm Oxide ZA
AMIS 0646
Au 1.33g/t Greenstone ZA
AMIS 0718
Au 0.897g/t Greenstone ZA
AMIS 0719
Au 1.19g/t Greenstone ZA
AMIS 0720
Cu 6349ppm Co 54ppm Sulphide Copperbelt ZM
AMIS 0774
Cu 2.31% Co 189ppm Oxide Copperbelt ZM
AMIS 0775
Au 0.370g/t Greenstone ZA
AMIS 0772
PGM 4E 2.519g/t Merensky ZA
AMIS 0769
PGM 3E 2.271g/t UG2 Bushveld ZA
AMIS 0770
Au 0.621g/t Greenstone ZA
AMIS 0747
Au 1.38g/t Greenstone ZA
AMIS 0748
Au 13.60g/t U 151ppm Oxide ZA
AMIS 0773
Au 8.76g/t U 109ppm Oxide ZA
AMIS 0776
PGM 4E 1.57g/t Great Dyke ZW
AMIS 0749
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