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Canadian Gold Standards

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Amis Product List 2020 Download
AMIS0019 Tin, porphyry, 1.09%, Bolivia Download
AMIS0020 Tin, porphyry, 0.70%, Bolivia Download
AMIS0021 Tin, porphyry, 0.27%, Bolivia Download
AMIS0055 Uraniferous phosphatic sandstone, 3423 ppm U, 21.22% P2O5, Bakouma, CAR Download
AMIS0082 Zinc and Lead, SEDEX, 0.7 & 0.3%, Botswana Download
AMIS0083 Zinc and Lead, SEDEX, 0.46 & 0.18%, Botswana Download
AMIS0084, Zinc and lead, SEDEX, 0.5% and 0.19%, Kihabe, Botswana Download
AMIS0087 Uranium, alaskite, U 205ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0088 Copper sulphide, 0.32%, Omitiomire, Namibia Download
AMIS0090 Uranium, calcrete, Langer Heinrich, 920ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0092 Uranium, calcrete, Langer Heinrich, 338ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0095 Uranium, Karoo sandstone, 119ppm U, Letlhakane Project, Botswana Download
AMIS0096 Uraniferous Karoo sandstone, 137 ppm U, South Africa Download
AMIS0102 Zinc Lead, SEDEX, 0.29% and 0.14%, Botswana Download
AMIS0104 Manganese ore, 35.31%, Namibia Download
AMIS0106 Uranium, alaskite, 114ppm U, Goanikontes, Namibia Download
AMIS0113 Uranium, alaskite, Warmbad, 466ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0114 Uranium, calcrete, Langer Heinrich, 550ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0115 Uranium, calcrete, Langer Heinrich, 640ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0120 Copper, sulphide, Kansanshi, 15.3%, Zambia Download
AMIS0131 Uranium, alaskite, 313ppm U, Warmbad, Namibia Download
AMIS0144 Zinc oxide, 17.3% Zn, Skorpion, Namibia Download
AMIS0145 Zinc oxide, 12.6% Zn, Skorpion, Namibia Download
AMIS0147 Zinc Lead, sulphide, 29% Zn, 3.32% Pb, Rosh Pinah, Namibia Download
AMIS0149 Zinc Lead, sulphide, 15.37% Zn, 1.71% Pb, Rosh Pinah, Namibia Download
AMIS0152 Zinc oxide, 5.88% Zn, Skorpion, Namibia Download
AMIS0153 Zinc Lead, sulphide, 8.84% Zn, 1.02% Zn, Rosh Pinah, Namibia Download
AMIS0157 Zinc Lead sulphide, 3.03% Zn, 0.3% Pb, Rosh Pinah, Namibia Download
AMIS0158 Zinc Lead sulphide, 1.62% Zn, 0.24% Pb, Rosh Pinah, Namibia Download
AMIS0165, Platinum concentrate, 4E = 39.69 g/t, Platreef, South Africa Download
AMIS0185 REE Wigu Carbonatite Complex, Tanzania Download
AMIS0186 Uraniferous granite (alaskite), 2749 ppm U, Rossing South, Namibia Download
AMIS0200 Cu 1.06% Co 0.37% Oxide Tenke DRC Download
AMIS0202 Cu 6.064% Co 1053ppm Oxide Copperbelt Tenke DRC Download
AMIS0209 PGM 4E 2.02g/t Merensky South Africa Download
AMIS0224 Au 113.4g/t Cu 11.63% Greenstone Buzwagi TZ Download
AMIS0243 Cu 1.358% Co 345ppm Oxide Tenke DRC Download
AMIS0248 Cu18.599%, Co 4807ppm, Oxide, Kinsevere, DRC Download
AMIS0249 Cu 3692ppm, Co 981ppm, Oxide, Kinsevere, DRC Download
AMIS0250, Fluorite, 8.99 %, Zeerust, South Africa Download
AMIS0251 PGM 4E 3.17g/t UG2 South Africa Download
AMIS0270 Au 37.02g/t Ag 6577g/t Epithermal Guanajuanto Mexico Download
AMIS0271 Au 38.47g/t, Ag 7530ppm, epithermal, Guanajuato, Mexico Download
AMIS0275 REE T 978 ppm TRE Proj Madagascar Download
AMIS0276 REE T 450 ppm TRE Proj Madagascar Download
AMIS0279 Multi element Au 0.46% Pd 2.05% Pt 0.96% Sudbury Canada Download
AMIS0281 Multi element Au 0.220% Pd 1.50% Pt 0.54% Sudbury Canada Download
AMIS0282, Multi element Au 0.19% Pd 1.41% Pt 0.97% Sudbury Canada Download
AMIS0295 Cu 5.28% Co 0.04% Oxide Tenke DRC Download
AMIS0304 REE Glenover Carbonatite South Africa Download
AMIS0314 PGM 4E 50.30g/t Merensky Western Limb Tailings Concentrate South Africa Download
AMIS0315 Ni 4406ppm Cu1711 ppm PGM 3E 2.42g/t Nkomati South Africa Download
AMIS0316, Ni 5701 ppm , Cu 2121 ppm, PGM 3E 2.66 g/t Nkomati, South Africa Download
AMIS0317, Ni 2492 ppm, Cu 1571 ppm, PGM 3E 0.880 g/t Nkomati, South Africa Download
AMIS0318, Ni 1686 ppm, Cu 1566 ppm , PGM 3E 0.53 g/t, Nkomati, South Africa Download
AMIS0319, Ni 1844 ppm, Cu 1231 ppm, PGM 3E 0.59 g/t, Nkomati, South Africa Download
AMIS0320 Ni 4720ppm Cu 1684ppm PGM 3E 1.11g/t Nkomati South Africa Download
AMIS0321 Cr 11.8% Ni 0.25% PGM 3E 0.8g/t Ultramafic Nkomati South Africa Download
AMIS0322 Cr 10.8% Ni 0.2% PGM 3E 0.7g/t Bushveld Nkomati South Africa Download
AMIS0323 Cr 26.91% Ni 1993ppm PGM 3E 1.84g/t Bushveld Nkomati South Africa Download
AMIS0324, Nickel Concentrate, 5.585 % Ni, PGM 3E 16.46 g/t, Nkomati, South Africa Download
AMIS0329, Nickel-copper, sulphide, 2150 ppm Ni, 1506 ppm Cu, Tati, Botswana Download
AMIS0330 Ni 2.5% Cu 2.3% 3E 6.86g/t Tati Botswana Download
AMIS0331 Ni 4.685 Cu 4.499 Pt 1.70 Sulphide Deposit Tati Botswana Download
AMIS0336 Au 0.1 g/t Siliceous Navachab Namibia Download
AMIS0338 Li 0.168% Ta 43ppm Pegmatite AU Download
AMIS0339 Li 2.270% Ta 333ppm Pegmatite Australia Download
AMIS0341 Li 0.504% Ta 740ppm Pegmatite Australia Download
AMIS0342 Li 0.161% Ta 169ppm Pegmatite Australia Download
AMIS0344 U 221ppm Alaskite Rossing Nambia Download
AMIS0345,U 470 ppm, Uraniferous alaskite ,Rossing, Namibia Download
AMIS0346 Fe 44.3% Ti 15.0% V 0.3% Magnetite Bushveld South Africa Download
AMIS0347 Fe 50.62 % Ti 9.52 % V 0.66 % Magnetite Northern Limb Bushveld South Africa Download
AMIS0349 Cu 2.364% Oxide Kansanshi Zambia Download
AMIS0354 PGM 4E 4.45g/t Merensky South Africa Download
AMIS0355 Li 7268ppm Ta 214ppm Pegmatite Araxa Brazil Download
AMIS0356 REE L 2.52% Carbonatite Wigu Tanzania Download
AMIS0359 Au 3.80g/t greenstone Lilly South Africa Download
AMIS0360 Au 2.94g/t As 7951ppm Greenstone Taylor South Africa Download
AMIS0361 Fe 51.334 % Ti 0.21 % Iron Ore Harmesley Western Australia Download
AMIS0362 Fe 54.894% Pilbara Australia Download
AMIS0363 Fe 56.847% Pilbara Australia Download
AMIS0364 Fe 58.815% Pilbara AU Download
AMIS0365 Cu 1.287% oxide Copperbelt Zambia Download
AMIS0368 V 0.84% Fe 53% Ti 8.26% Bushveld, Rhovan South Africa Download
AMIS0370 Cu 7129ppm oxide Copperbelt Zambia Download
AMIS0371 Fe 54.86% Hamersley Australia Download
AMIS0372 Fe 55.832% Hamersley Australia Download
AMIS0373 Fe 56.59% Hamersley Australia Download
AMIS0374 Multi element Au 17.12% Cu 47.50% Fe 16.25% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0375 Multi element Au 1.73% Cu 3.97% Fe 8.49% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0376 Multi element Au 0.27% Cu 0.525% Fe 13.19% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0378 Multi element Au 0.176% Cu 0.704% Fe 17.57% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0380 Multi element Au 16.85% Cu 48.23% Fe 14.89% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0381 Multi element Au 0.288% Cu 0.70% Fe 16.29% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0382 Multi element Au 0.290% Cu 0.910% Fe 30.05% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0383 Multi element Au 18.42% Cu 46.47% Fe 16.32% IOCG Australia Download
AMIS0384 Ni 2.16% Cu 1.03% Co 0.12% Ultramafic Australia Download
AMIS0385 Ni 1.77% Cu 0.96% Co 0.09% Ultramafic Australia Download

Please note that the AMIS Proficiency Reports are available for viewing and download to registered laboratories only.

To request access to the Proficiency Reports please contact Jumien.