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Canadian Gold Standards

Certificates: Depleted Stock


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AMIS0001 Platinum, Platreef Download
AMIS0002 Platinum, Platreef Download
AMIS0003 Tantalum Download
AMIS0004 Gold and Uranium, Wits Download
AMIS0005 Platinum, UG2 Download
AMIS0006 UG2, 4E 2.59g/t, BC Western Limb, South Africa Download
AMIS0007 Platinum, Merensky Download
AMIS0008 Platinum, Merensky, Western Limb, 14.06%, South Africa Download
AMIS0009 Platinum, Merensky Download
AMIS0010 Platinum, UG2 Download
AMIS0011 Gold, carbonate, Navachab Download
AMIS0012 Gold, carbonate, Navachab, 0.4g/t, Namibia Download
AMIS0013 Platinum, Merensky, Western Limb, 3.54g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0014 Platinum, UG2 Download
AMIS0015 Platinum, Platreef Download
AMIS0016 Gold, Siliceous Download
AMIS0018 Gold, Siliceous, Wits Download
AMIS0022 Platinum, Platreef, 6.13%, South Africa Download
AMIS0023 Gold, Wits Download
AMIS0024 Gold, Siliceous, Navachab Download
AMIS0025 Blank pyroxenite chips Download
AMIS0027 Platinum, UG2, Western Limb, 4.61g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0028 Gold & Uranium, Wits Download
AMIS0029 Gold and Uranium, Wits Download
AMIS0029 Major Elements Certificate .pdf Download
AMIS0029 Rare Earth Elements Certificate Download
AMIS0030 Gold, uranium, Wits, 21.4g/t, 1351ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0031 Copper, oxide, Lonshi Download
AMIS0032 Copper, oxide, Lonshi, 5.7%, DRC Download
AMIS0033 Copper, oxide, Lonshi Download
AMIS0034 Major Elements Certificate.pdf Download
AMIS0034 Platinum, Merensky, Western Limb, 5.99g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0035 Gold, siliceous, Navachab, 1.5g/t, Namibia Download
AMIS0036 Copper, sulphide, Kansanshi, 1.3%, Zambia Download
AMIS0037 Copper, oxide, Kansanshi Download
AMIS0038 Copper, oxide, Kansanshi Download
AMIS0039 Copper, oxide, Kansanshi Download
AMIS0040 Copper, sulphide, Kansanshi Download
AMIS0041 Copper, sulphide, Kansanshi Download
AMIS0042 Gold, Greenstone, Mupane, 0.8g/t, Botswana Download
AMIS0043 Gold, Greenstone, Mupane, 1.65g/t, Botswana Download
AMIS0044 Gold, Greenstone, Mupane, 2.9g/t, Botswana Download
AMIS0045 Gold & Uranium, Wits Download
AMIS0045 Supplimentary Certificate Download
AMIS0046 Gold, uranium, Dominion, 0.6g/t, 96ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0047 , 48 and 57 Soil, Central Africa Download
AMIS0049 Gold, carbonate, Navachab, 0.7g/t, Namibia Download
AMIS0050 Copper, oxide, Lonshi, 11.3%, DRC Download
AMIS0051 Copper, oxide, Lonshi, 8.9%, DRC Download
AMIS0052 Silica chips Download
AMIS0053 Platinum, Merensky 4.15g/t 4E Download
AMIS0054 Uranium, phosphatic sandstone, Bakouma, 1572ppm, CAR Download
AMIS0056 Major Elements Certificate Download
AMIS0056 Platinum, Platreef, 1.89g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0058 Gold, carbonate, Navachab, 1.5g/t, Namibia Download
AMIS0060 Nickel-copper, sulphide, 0.31% Ni, 0.33% Cu, Tati, Botswana Download
AMIS0061 Nickel-copper, sulphide, 3.5% Ni, 1.3% Cu, Tati, Botswana Download
AMIS0063 Platinum, UG2, Western Limb, 5.2 g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0064 Platinum, Merensky, Western Limb, 2.05g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0067 Platinum, Merensky, Western Limb, 3.22g/t 4E, SA Download
AMIS0069 Blank silica powder Download
AMIS0071 Copper, sulphide, Lonshi, 0.9%, DRC Download
AMIS0072 Copper, sulphide, Lonshi, 1.6%, DRC Download
AMIS0073 Nickel-Copper, sulphide, Nkomati, 0.5%, 0.2%, South Africa Download
AMIS0074 Platinum, UG2, 4E 2.076, South Africa Download
AMIS0075 Platinum, UG2, 4E 3.02 g/t, Eastern Limb BC, South Africa Download
AMIS0076 Gold, uranium, Wits, 36.5g/t, 1502ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0077 Gold, uranium, Wits, 12g/t, 474ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0078 Gold, uranium, Wits, 8.3g/t, 346ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0079 Gold, uranium, Wits, 4.8g/t, 244ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0080 Gold and Uranium, 1.14 g/t Au, 111 ppm U, Wits, South Africa Download
AMIS0081 Gold, 0.52 g/t Download
AMIS0085 Uranium, alaskite, Goanikontes, 270ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0086 Uranium, alaskite, Goanikontes, 130ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0089 Platinum, UG2, 4E 2.078 g/t, Western Limb, South Africa Download
AMIS0091 Uranium, calcrete, Langer Heinrich, 264ppm, Namibia Download
AMIS0093 Nickel-copper, sulphide, 0.27% Ni, 0.29% Cu, Tati, Botswana Download
AMIS0094 Au 2.66g/t U 95ppm Wits South Africa Download
AMIS0097 Uranium, Karoo sandstone, 550ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0098 Uranium, Karoo sandstone, 850ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0099 Platinum, Merensky tailings grade, 0.961 g/t, Western Limb, South Africa Download
AMIS0100 Gold and uranium, Wits, 44g/t, 1480ppm Download
AMIS0103 Gold, uranium, Wits, Au 4.73g/t, U 304ppm, South Africa Download
AMIS0107 Platinum, Merensky, 1.536 g/t, Western Limb, South Africa Download
AMIS0108 Silica Powder Download
AMIS0109, Gold, Witwatersrand, 0.14 g/t. South Africa Download
AMIS0110, Gold and Uranium, 2.30 g/t Au, 215 ppm U, Wits, South Africa Download
AMIS0111, Gold and Uranium, 20.48 g/t Au, 1048 ppm U, Wits, South Africa Download
AMIS0112, Gold and Uranium, 12.27 g/t Au, 411 ppm U, Wits, South Africa Download
AMIS0118 Copper, oxide, Lonshi, 0.46%, DRC Download
AMIS0119 Copper, sulphide, Kansanshi, 0.65%, Zambia Download
AMIS0122 Platinum, UG2, Eastern Limb, 4E = 6.44 g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0124 Platinum, Platreef, 4E = 1.88g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0127 Platinum, Platreef, 4E = 3.166 g/t, South Africa Download
AMIS0128 Cu 1.55%, Sulphide, Kansanshi, Zambia Download
AMIS0129 Magnetite with titanium and vanadium, Rooiwater Complex, Bushveld, South Africa Download
AMIS0132 Platinum tails, 0.780 g/t 4E, Eastern Limb, South Africa Download
AMIS0133, Gold and uranium, 310g/t Au, 3323ppm U, Witwatersrand, South Africa, Download
AMIS0140 Tantalum, ore grade. Download
AMIS0143 Certificate Download

Please note that the AMIS Proficiency Reports are available for viewing and download to registered laboratories only.

To request access to the Proficiency Reports please contact Jumien.