Dec 12

AMIS’s most comprehensively certified Au standard yet!

Gold standards are an integral part of exploration, grade control and routine quality control within mineral assay laboratories. In historic accounts the metal has been central to human development and achievement for 5000 years as it has been a monetary system, an investment vehicle in physical ford and held in central banks globally. It also has practical applications that has been utilized in outer space as well as cellular phones. In today’s world gold is still seen as a safe haven investment in times of uncertainty.

AMIS has certified AMIS0540, our most comprehensively certified standard yet. A gold multi-element standard originating from the Witwatersrand basin. It stands tall with over 30 elements and major oxides certified as well as physical properties such as density and LOI quantified. Based on the back ground of gold in human history it seems appropriate that a gold standard will lead the way for other AMIS standards going forward.

For more information on AMIS0540 please contact me Jumien Peceur at or any of our team members, whose details you can find on the contact us page on our site. The certificate of analysis is also available for download under the certificates and reports tab/product in stock . We look forward to hearing from you and remember there is No Analysis Without An AMIS.