Oct 17

AMIS offers a range of Zn Mineral Standards

AMIS’s range Zinc CRMs

Zinc price has recently hit its highest level ever since 2007. This is the highest record in a decade. There are more than 50 countries that mine Zinc in the world.

Zinc is a blue-grey non-ferrous metallic commodity with very high anti-corrosion properties, it commonly occurs together with lead mineral deposits. Zinc ores are commonly hosted in sulphide mineral called sphalerite. Sphalerite provides almost 90% of the zinc produced in the world, with the remaining 10% produced from 5 other minerals; smithsonite, zincite, zincosite, willemite, and franklinite.

Zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb) are commonly deposited together, in ore deposits that are formed under low-temperature hydrothermal fluids. There are several types of Pb-Zn ore deposit, but SEDEX (sedimentary exhalative) and MVT (Mississippi Valey type) are the two most significant deposit types.

AMIS offers a range of Zn CRMs from both sulphide and oxide deposits. Our Zn CRMs range from low to high grade. These CRMs are all matrix matched and will improve all your analytical analysis.

For more information on these CRMs or pricing information , please visit our website www.amis.co.za or contact myself, Mbumba Ntaba, at mbumba@amis.co.za, Siyanda Gumede at siyanda@amis.co.za ,or Jumien Peceur at jumien@amis.co.za